Be The Bomb! Work Out With Trainer
Be The Bomb! Work Out With Trainer
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    I am Lee Haguewood, an I.S.S.A. Certified Personal Trainer, and also I.S.S.A. Certified in Fitness Nutrition, located in beautiful Nixa, MO. If you are here on my site, you are probably looking to make a change - in your appearance, in your lifestyle, in your habits, and so on. Well, you've come to the right place! :-)

    Like most personal trainers, I educate and train my clients in the performance of safe and appropriate exercises, in order to effectively lead you to optimal health. So, why choose me? First and foremost, I don't come from a "super-athlete" background; I'm a regular guy who knows how challenging it can be to achieve fitness and wellness goals.

  • The big fitness clubs offer no personalization or assistance; I see everyone as an individual. With so many body types and so many personalities, I find the perfect fit for you. No cookie- cutter programs! I will be tough when necessary, gentle when needed - I can crack the whip or hand you the tissue.

    Most importantly, I don't concentrate on the scales. I prefer to focus on body-fat percentage, a much better measure of progress on your road to health and wellness. Others have been where you are now, and you can read some of their success stories here. Finally, you will find that my services are much more affordable than what you may expect. Check out my prices, and you'll also find my contact information for when you are ready to take the first step to a fit and healthier you!