Be The Bomb! Work Out With Trainer
Be The Bomb! Work Out With Trainer

Lee Haguewood

My Bio

I have spent all of my adult life participating in various aspects of fitness training, from weight-lifting to yoga. Possessing a great interest in nutrition, reading, and absorbing as much information as possible, I believe that the key to good health is to be proactive. Wellness and prevention are a far superior lifestyle than doctor's visits and medical procedures.

In May of 2008, I took a giant leap of faith and made fitness my career. By utilizing and combining techniques learned through the years, I can develop programs specificially suited to each individual goal. I have successfully trained people from high school and college sport-specific athletes, all they way through and to seniors functional fitness coaching. Male or female, whether it be weight loss and fat burning, or muscle building and strength training, Trainer Lee can handle it.

In addition to my initial certification as a personal fitness trainer by the I.S.S.A., I am now certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I am also taking continuing education units which focus on life coaching. I still enjoy exploring and absorbing new training modalities so that I can better serve client diversity.