Meet: Jackie & Whitney (Part 1)

Jackie's Story: My husband and I decided to take a trip to Hawaii for our wedding anniversary. We enlisted the help of Lee Haguewood to get us into shape. When we met with Lee, we were instantly encouraged and excited about what he could do for us.

During our private sessions, he arranged an initial circuit of exercise, in which we discovered that due to my breast cancer surgery that included a tram flap (removal of most of my stomach muscle), I was unable to even do a simple sit up. Lee went to work on the problem, doing research on his own to become familiar with my medical situation. Within days he had a routine for me that included specific exercises to strengthen what abdomen muscles I did have remaining. Lee continued to develop exercises that I could do, which allowed me to regain strength and energy like I had not experienced for years.

With his encouragement, I joined Weight Watchers as well. Less than 12 months later, I was practically a whole new person, losing almost 60 pounds and firming my body along with it. Needless to say, my husband and I enjoyed our vacation to Maui more than we dreamed possible, thanks to Lee.