Meet: Jackie & Whitney (Part 2)

Whitney's Story: I was a competitive athlete all of my life. After my playing days were over, both my diet and exercise suffered. As a result, I found myself overweight, unhappy, and frankly unmotivated to make the changes I needed. My parents and I decided that if we started to work out together, it would give us the accountability we needed. We turned to our family friend Lee Haguewood. Immediately, I found the motivation to succeed in my diet and exercise dreams through the encouragement and positivity that Lee had for me and my goals. Since I had experience in the weight room, I thought I wouldn't "learn" a whole lot, however, I was wrong. Lee taught me many new moves, as well as how to use some of the newer equipment I was not used to. While working out, we would discuss nutrition, and that was another huge advantage of working with Lee. The knowledge he has in fitness nutrition is incredibly helpful. He was realistic with me and what I could and would change in my diet. Lee taught me ways to take the foods I love and make them healthier. The fact I could eat what I liked with some simple changes is a major reason I have been able to keep the weight off.

This was important, because a couple of years after I started working out with Lee I got engaged, and then married a year after that. I was so happy in my wedding planning because I didn't have to worry about trying to lose the weight while also planning a wedding. I look back at my wedding pictures and I am happy! I enjoyed every part of my wedding, and I attribute that to the fact I was at a healthy weight and toned... all of which was thanks to the lessons I learned from Lee.

He really changed my life! I have seen the changes he has made for many people's lives. Whether you have experience or not, he treats you the same. My parents had never been to a weight room, whereas I had spent most of my adolescent years working out. But all three of us learned from Lee and found the motivation to continue our healthy choices. I believe that comes from Lee's training style (he fits what works best for each individual client and their goals), his passion for what he does, and his desire to help people achieve whatever their goals may be (strength training, weight loss, etc.). I encourage anyone who is not completely happy with their weight, body image or eating habits to see Lee, and let him help you transform your life... you will not be disappointed!