Meet: Adrienne

Adrienne's Story: When Chad and I got engaged I thought, "I can't wait to buy my dress!" I'm sure all you brides out there would agree! Who doesn't want to go try on beautiful dresses and have people ooohhh and aahhh over you? I purchased my dress a little over a year before our wedding when I was a size 8.

Let's just say when our wedding started to get closer I was NOT a size 8. There's nothing worse than trying on your wedding dress 3 months before the "big day" and praying that it just zips. Well let's just say that mine DID NOT. I knew that was when I had to find someone who could whip me into shape.

I heard from a friend about Lee Haguewood; she had used him before a spring break trip. I went in and talked to Lee, and I knew that he would be perfect to help me out of this dilemma! Not only did Lee give me all the tools that I needed to better my eating habits, but my workout habits as well (not to mention he's a riot)! I worked out 3 days a week for about an hour and a half each time. I grew to actually love working out and Lee helped with his words of encouragement and a little tough love.

The first month that I worked out with Lee I lost 4% body fat. I kept up this process and continued to feel better and better about the dress I would wear on our wedding day. When the day finally came I was able to fit right back into the dress that I had so looked forward to wearing the year before. Thank you Lee -- because of you I could actually breathe easy on the biggest day of my life!